6 Good Luck Symbols To Drive Away Evil

Almost everyone wants to be successful in life. While some people work extremely hard for it, others only try to play smart. There are some others who work using a combination. If you work hard or if you work smart, can you be hundred percent sure that success will come your way? No, you can’t. So what is that extra something that you need? It’s good luck, dear lady. In the absence of good luck, no amount of hard work or intelligence can help you. But if you are really lucky, you might not even have to work that hard and you will still find success knocking at your doorstep within no time. So how do you get lucky? Here are a few good luck symbols that you might want to keep with you to invite lady luck to your home. Drive away all the evil around you with these.

1. Four-leaf clover

Four-leaf clover

Photo Courtesy: cygnus921

Traditionally, a four-leaf clover is considered to be very lucky to the person who finds it. It is usually gifted to loved ones as a symbol of good luck on St.Patrick’s day. Each leaf in a four-leaf clover symbolizes something. The first leaf symbolizes good luck while the second one stands for faith. The third leaf is a symbol of love while the fourth leaf symbolizes luck. You can wear a four-leaf clover in the form of some jewelry like a locket, a ring or a bracelet. Similarly, you can also have graphic designs of the four-leaf clover printed on your books, in your homes, at your work desk and so on.

2. Horseshoe


Photo Courtesy: Sarah_Ackerman

A horseshoe, as the name suggests, is a U-shaped metallic object that is nailed to the hooves of horses. In many cultures, a horseshoe is considered as a good luck talisman. That is why, people often nail a horseshoe at the entrance of their house. It is believed to ward off evil from the house of the person. This horseshoe acts like a protection against bad luck, diseases, financial misfortunes and witchcraft.

3. Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha

Photo Courtesy: williamcho

The legendary story of the Laughing Buddha is no suspense to the ears anymore. The Laughing Buddha is always shown to be content and hence, laughing wholeheartedly. He is also shown carrying a cloth sack along or a pot of gold. It is a symbol of happiness, prosperity and good luck. It is believed that if you rub his belly, you will make extra financial gains on that day.

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