8 Common Grammatical Errors

8 Common Grammatical Errors

If you know what the most common grammatical errors are, it will be easier for you to know where to look for them in your texts and how to fix them. Such mistakes are habitual and we tend to make them without giving a second thought. Take a look at the list of 8 most commonly made grammatical errors. You can improve your writing style and make it more cohesive if you know the errors you make.

1. Homophones

Homophones are those words which sound alike, but have different spellings and meanings. For example, ‘pain’ and ‘pane’, ‘there’ and ‘their’, ‘sight’ and ‘site’. These words can be easily confused and used in inappropriate places.

2. Its vs It’s

‘It’s’ means ‘it is’, while ‘its’ is a pronoun. Many times, they are used interchangeably which creates confusion.

3. Who vs whom

‘Whom’ is mostly used with such prepositions like by, with and on. ‘Who’ is used when a person is the subject of a sentence whereas ‘whom’ is used when a person is the object of a sentence. For example, in ‘Who broke my car?’, the subject is who. On the contrary, in ‘Whom did you meet today?’, the subject is ‘you’ and the object is ‘whom’.

4. Split infinitive

Ideally, when you use a verb in its infinitive, you should not split the pair. For instance, ‘to go’ instead of ‘to only go’ or ‘to do’ instead of ‘to only do’.

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