How To Learn Painting As A Hobby?

How To Learn Painting As A Hobby?

If you want to learn painting as a hobby, you should find out about some painting basics. Take a look at the list of tips on painting basics.

1. Get your painting supplies

Before you can start learning to paint, you need to make up your mind on what paints you are going to use. You also need to come up with a list of things you need. If you decide to go with oil paints, you’ll need the paints of course, some canvas, brushes, solvents, and thinners. Once you get to the right store, they’d have plenty of supplies to select from. A rule of thumb is getting good supplies but not too expensive ones. Since you are a beginner, it’s probable that you may make a mess of things. So use only those paints and other supplies you can afford to squander.

2. Educate yourself on color mixing art

If you use oil paints, they sell only basic colors and not tints of colors. They may have different shades of colors, such as blue or red. But they should be able to mix well to form the colors you really want. Go online to find some basic rules of color mixing. Give some time to studying them and then move on with testing them practically.

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