Tips To Find Out Whether To Leave Or Stay In An Unhappy Relationship

Tips To Find Out Whether To Leave Or Stay In An Unhappy Relationship

Being stuck in an unhappy relationship is the worst nightmare for all women. It is painful and very frustrating. But what should we women do? Should we stay or should we leave? We had a candid conversation with Holly and Grace, both of whom have experienced an unhappy relationship. Take a cue from them and find out whether you should stay or leave from your unhappy relationship.

“To stay or to leave in an unhappy relationship is the toughest decision I’ve ever made in my life”, says Holly, 37 who recently walked out from her relationship with her partner. She adds, “The biggest tip that I can give any woman is to try hard to solve the issues that are hurting the happiness of a relationship. Don’t leave until you are satisfied that you’ve tried all possible avenues to bring back life in an unhappy relationship.”

Grace, 29, who is in an unhappy relationship, agrees with Holly because at this moment, she is giving all she has got to rejuvenate her unhappy relationship with her partner. “I think the key to turn around an unhappy relationship is to see if you and your partner have a great future ahead of you. Because I can see a happy and healthy future for myself and my partner, I am trying to use all ways and means to survive this unhappy phase that we are facing right now.”

“I decided to leave the unhappy relationship because of one important reason. After giving the situation a thought, as a partner and a lover, I concluded that I did not deserve all the unhappiness”, says Holly, with a visible note of disappointment on her face. We tend to agree with Holly. Do you feel like you don’t deserve a dull and unhappy relationship even after you’ve put in all the effort and love that you possibly can?

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