6 Things Boys Do in Bed That We Love

6 Things Boys Do in Bed That We Love

Having sex can be made an exhilarating experience if men put in their best for their women. The act of physical intimacy is taken to the next level when men know what women like. Read ahead to know what are the things that women like men to do in bed.

1. Talking

Women do not like to have mechanical sex. Women like it when men whisper sweet nothings and lovable words in their ears while in bed. It can be just names like darling, baby, or sentences like I love you, you are beautiful etc. Dirty talk when appropriately done is well appreciated. Sharing the next day’s breakfast is also eagerly expected by many women.

2. Being there for her

Some men bring heightened pleasure to their women. They know what makes them happy and aroused. Women like men who take into consideration their partner’s likes, fantasies and dislikes. Tickling their feet to spanking them, women love it when men do things to them that appeals to their sexuality.

3. Grooming

Stinking body and unkempt hair is certainly not sexy about a man. Women expect men to be socks and neat before getting to business. Wearing socks during the act of having sex is seen as repelling by many women.

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