6 Reasons Why Majority Of Girls Are Hygiene Freaks

6 Reasons Why Majority Of Girls Are Hygiene Freaks

According to some opinion polls, girls are more hygiene freaks than guys. There are several reasons for this and we will take a look at some of them.

1. Upbringing

Girls and boys are usually brought up differently. Boys are more outgoing; they tend to get dirty more easily. They are not expected to look prim, nice and clean, as girls are. Dirty little boys look funny, while most dirty little girls are told they are tomboys and look inappropriate.

2. Physiology

As we all know, girls have a completely different body structure than guys. They need to be more hygienic to stay healthy. This is because they have to face many different phases in life such as menstruation, pregnancy and so on which can have detrimental effects on their general well-being, if hygiene standards are not followed.

3. Self-conscious

Girls are more particular about the way they look and thus they tend to take care of themselves in a better way. They will not tolerate anyone mocking at them for their outward appearance. Thus, they are very self-conscious.

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