How To Stop Being Self-Obsessed?

How To Stop Being Self-Obsessed?

Being self-obsessed does more harm than good. Not only does it drive away all good that has the potential to come into your life, it also makes you lose friends and people who would otherwise care for you. The problem with being self-obsessed does not lie in the fact that you pay too much attention to yourself but the excessiveness of such obsession that makes you become self-absorbed. You cannot see anybody else or anything else around you except all that concerns only you – your problems, your ideas, your experiences. You always talk about yourself no matter what and do not pay heed to what others want or want to talk about. Here are 4 simple and effective tips on how to stop being self-obsessed and become more likeable.

1. Engage in charity work/social service

The one way how you will definitely stop obsessing about yourself is by engaging in some kind of charity work or social service. Spot an orphanage or an old age home in your locality and spend some time there, may be on weekends. You will find many people who are in a much worse condition than you. As a result, you will realize your problems are nothing compared to what they experience in their life. You will be able to focus on others rather than yourself only all the time. This will help you in getting over being self-obsessed.

2. Love others

Love others as much as you can. Think of all the people whom you really care about – your family, friends, husband and children. For a change, think what you can do to express how much you love and care for them. Go on outings with your friends and family and just enjoy yourself instead of talking about yourself or your problems. You will find that not only will people begin loving you more but will also enjoy your company.

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