7 Biggest Internet Viral Sensations Ever

7 Biggest Internet Viral Sensations Ever

The Internet is a huge world containing something for every kind of person out there. Ever since YouTube, the website where you can show your awesomeness to the world through videos, started, a batch of international hits have spawned. These videos have gone viral all around the world and some of the most popular and entertaining ones have been listed down here.

1. Gangnam style music video

We are all aware of this hilarious dance music video which became a global phenomenon. South Korean pop sensation, Psy, became a sleeper hit for his comedic dance moves. This K-Pop single currently holds the ranking for the most viewed video on YouTube with a staggering 1.393 billion hits to its credit.


2. Harlem Shake

This is the latest and youngest viral video. Never would the 5 teenagers of Australia have thought that making a crazy dance video and putting it up online would make them legendary within a short span of a month. It’s now an official Internet meme and the wacky half minute dance has since then been done by 1000s of people across the world, who have uploaded their view does online.


3. Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black is an apt example for being infamous more than being famous with her so called ‘talent’ of singing. She put up her kiddish song called ‘Friday,’ thinking she will be a huge star like Internet sensation, Justin Beiber. But she became a worldwide joke and the video was tagged by many as the ‘worst video ever made.’ It garnered 3.1 million dislikes on YouTube.


4. Susan Boyle on Britain’s got Talent

Miss Boyle’s story and singing talent on the famous show, Britain’s got Talent, touched a cord with anyone who watched her perform. What made audiences connect with her was her simple and in fact poor appearance, that of a 51 year old neglected poor lady who only had talent backing her. Needless to say, she is now quite rich and has earned billions of YouTube hits through her music videos.


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