7 Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas

7 Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is a season of gifting and bringing joy to the hearts of others. When the gift is really good, the receiver will be happy and will also respect you and treasure your gift. A gift becomes all the more special when you personalize it. You can either add your personal touch to it or add their names or photos to it so that it would be their personalized gift. Either ways, they will treasure this gift more than the others that do not carry any special meaning for them. Here are some personalized Christmas gift ideas with which you can bowl over your family, friends and colleagues.

1. Personalized Mobile phone holders

You can gift a personalized mobile phone holder that they can use in the office. You can also add a pouch along with it. They can put the mobile phone and the holder in the pouch when they are moving. The pouch could be monogrammed too and that would make it a set.

2. Personalized Christmas decorations

You can either add your initials to let them know that it is from you or you can add their initials if you think adding yours would make you look like you are vain. Either way, your gift will find a place of honor in the Christmas tree.

3. Customized utensils

There are a lot of stores that sell beautiful things that you can keep on the table or use in the kitchen shapes in the form of alphabets. Find the one that starts with your friend’s name or the recipient’s name. If you cannot find an alphabet shaped utensil, you can always get their names etched or printed on it.

4. Customized make up kit

Buy all of their favorite brands and put them in a beautiful basket or a bag and gift it. Instead of buying a ready made makeup kit, buying each item individually and packing it yourself will give it a more special touch.

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