7 Prevention For Ebola Virus

7 Prevention For Ebola Virus

Ebola fever can be severe and fatal. The deadly virus can spread through the air. Many countries have started special screening to stop the deadly virus that may affect many people. Listed are some ways to prevent the spread of Ebola virus. Read on to know more.

1. Avoid the areas

Be aware of areas where there is spread of infection. Avoid traveling to the places where there are reported cases of Ebola outbreak. It is better to prevent yourself than face the risk of this deadly virus. Traveling to places where there is Ebola spread can prove to be risky, this should be best averted.

2. Avoid direct contact

If you have no option than visit the place, then avoid direct contact. As the virus spreads through air, you can also wear a mask or stay away from the person who has contracted the virus. As Ebola is extremely contagious, it is best to avoid direct contact with the person. Be alert on this one.

3. Don’t have bush meat

According to a recent research, the virus originated from the bush meat in the primates. It is best to avoid bush meat to prevent yourself from the virus. If you stay in the area where there are already cases of Ebola, then don’t have meat or completely stay off meat of any kind. This is important for remaining fit and healthy.

4. Protect yourself

Know about all the signs of Ebola to prevent the virus. Ebola virus starts with mild signs of fever and headache. If you experience these signs more than a week, then it is important that you visit a doctor or you to get screened for the virus. It may spread with other signs of muscle pains and vomiting, so protect yourself.

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