8 Best Places In Europe to Visit This Year

8 Best Places In Europe to Visit This Year

Europe is undoubtedly one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world, attracting people all over the world during tourist seasons. But if you end up visiting the places which are ordinarily visited or advertised in Europe tourism, you may be missing out on most of the magic which this continent has in store. Though Europe is almost one fourth in size as compared to Asia and just one third of Africa, it still has an unique charm that probably no other place has, but only if you know which places to visit. Listed below are the top 8 best places in Europe to visit this year.

1. Budapest, Hungary

The best thing about Budapest is its retro feel. Almost everything you have to see and experience has an essence of old and is chic in its own way. Whether it is the ruin pubs, also known as the romkocsma, the garden bars (or kertek), stylish watering holes, or the atmospheric non-refurbished buildings, the entire feel is bucolic and historic. Budapest is also known for its 16th century styled thermal baths, Rácz Baths of the Turkish era. The same retro trend is found in its food, with old-fashioned cafés and canteens. It also has garden bars like the famous Szimpla Kert.

2. Cinque Terre, Italy

The Cinque Terre is essentially a conglomeration of five villages—Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. Cinque Terre is car-free, and therefore, in order to enjoy the beautiful towns that make it up, one must walk. Situated on the coastline of Liguria, this assortment of towns is made up of wild slopes with neat stone terraces built by Ligurian farmers. Also enjoyable are the small hidden beaches and the scenic sanctuaries there.

3. Croatia

Croatia is quite popular among tourists visiting Europe but they mostly visit only one portion of the country – which is the 2000 km long coastline. But Croatia has a beautiful countryside, national parks and many diverse inland cities, which is mostly missed out by tourists. The capital city of Zagreb is one large outdoor café with several walkable streets and an entrenched café scene. The national parks of Croatia are interspersed with turquoise lakes, cliffs, travertines and beautiful waterfalls which only add to the scenic beauty. It is also home to Dubrovnik, showcased in the popular TV show ‘Game of Thrones.’

4. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is the coolest city in Scandinavia and is also the most “green” city in the world. With its pollution free initiatives like public bike sharing system, green buildings and sustainable food, Copenhagen is the world leader in ecological conservation. Summers in Copenhagen are filled with festivals, the Copenhagen Jazz Festival being the most notable one. It lasts for almost ten days in the month of July. You must also visit the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

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