8 Great Gift Ideas For Bridesmaids

8 Great Gift Ideas For Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are no longer looked at as mere additions to a wedding. Change the tradition of gifting your bridesmaids just a conventional strand of false pearls or a keychain. Instead surprise them with something that is a lot more desired and interesting. Take time to customize these bridesmaids gifts and give them to those who helped you in making your star studded wedding even more beautiful. Here’s a list of some great gifts for bridesmaids.

1. Personalized Tote

Give them a fabulous tote bag that can be used for multiple occasions including visits to the beach, market and to carry essentials for the wedding. With their consent, you might also consider getting their names printed in beautiful calligraphy so that they can retain the gift with fond memories of your wedding. You may consider getting each of them their tote in their favorite colors.

2. Bracelet

Jewelry is often a woman’s favorite item. They do not just accessorize clothes but also leave valuable memories of the person who gifted it. Instead of choosing some throwaway, cheap bauble of a bracelet, get something that you would love to wear yourself. Use beautiful charms on the bracelet, spelling something that reminds your bridesmaids of the occasion or an expression that mentions your gratitude towards them for their deed.

3. Mini Flasks

These are not just functional in nature but will also be beautiful to be carried around. The market today has flasks available in different sizes, shapes and colors. Try gifting your bridesmaids crystal studded mini flasks and coordinate color with their bridesmaid costumes.

4. Jewelry Boxes

Gift your bridesmaids a handy jewelry box that either sports an antic finish or is silver or bronze plated. Get the trinket box engraved with your bridesmaids names and you can be sure that they will carry it everywhere they go.

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