All You Wanted to Know About Reflexology and Its Benefits

All You Wanted To Know About Reflexology And Its Benefits

Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, is one of the common traditional and alternative techniques of medication in which pressure is applied on certain zones or points in the leg, hand or ear with specific amount of pressure using the thumb finger, without the use of oil or lotion. This therapy is based on the fact that there exists an image of every part of the body in the legs and hands and when pressure is applied on the appropriate images, the reflex action results in the relief from the pain and causes physical changes. The application of pressure on reflexes can also relieve tension, stress and depression from one’s mind.

According to the principles of reflexology, the body is divided into ten zones, five zones on the right and five zones on the left side of the body. The images or reflexes of these zones are present in the feet also. Thus by applying appropriate pressure, the health condition of a person can be improved as there will be increase in the flow of energy in the body. When controlled pressure is applied on the foot, the source of discomfort is alleviated. In reflexology, the pressure is usually applied on legs and in very rare cases, on hands or ears. The benefits of reflexology include,

1. Safe treatment

Since there is no use of any medicine or instrument, there is no question of side effects caused by reflexology. As there is less possibility of over doing and under doing, only normalization of the functioning of the organ takes place.

2. Long lasting cure

A therapy or medication is said to be effective if it gives a long lasting cure and does not suppress the problem. Reflexology is an effective treatment offering long lasting cure.

3. Tool for diagnosis

The signals received at the reflex points about suffering parts of the body can be used as a tool or assistant for diagnosis. One can feel the pressure or pain in the organ whose reflex point is pressurized in the foot.

4. Compatible

This therapy can be given to a person who is undergoing other sorts of treatments and medication as there will be no negative effects caused on the body due to this treatment. Thus, it is compatible with other forms of treatment.

5. Economical

Since there is no need of a skilled or a professional for zone therapy, there will be no expenses at all. Zone therapy can be self administered or administered by any of the family member.

6. Preventive measure

Prevention is always better than cure. So, reflexology can be used as a measure to prevent various ailments and relapsing of the cured ailments. Sparing few minutes for reflexology can prevent various problems.

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