6 Signs Someone is a True Friend

Signs Someone is a True Friend

A true friend is hard to come by in today’s times. Even if you have many friends, you can hardly call them true friends or best friends because for being a true friend, one must meet certain conditions and most of these conditions require them to be selfless. Whether it is a childhood friend or a coworker or an acquaintance with whom you seem to have developed a rapport, are they the people or is he/she the one person with whom you can be who you really are? Or do you have to put up a mask and pretend to be someone else whenever you meet or interact with them, just so that they like you? With a true friend, all phoniness is discarded, and you can open your heart out. A true friend is the one who accepts you for who you are, without being judgmental. Listed below are the top 6 signs someone is a true friend.

1. They listen to you

A true friend is one who always listens to you, no matter what. No matter how busy they are or how hectic their schedule is, they will always have time to meet you, hang out with you and give you proper time and listen to you with open ears.

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2. They are always honest with you

A true friend is always honest with you. They will never back stab you or say bad things about you behind your back. They will in fact deliberately refrain from being involved in spreading rumors about you without your knowledge. They will also give you honest feedback and advice whenever you would need them, and not try to mislead you for their personal gain.

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3. They are always ready to help

They are always available when you need their help. Even if they cannot make it, they will always find a way to make it up to you. A true friend is one who would put you first rather than themselves. They, in fact, abide by the old saying, ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’.

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