8 Facts About Woody Allen’s Molestation Accusation

8 Facts About Woody Allen's Molestation Accusation

Child molestation is a sick thing to do and even celebrities are not immune to the act and many have been accused of having molested kids over the years. The latest to be accused is Woody Allen and although this is not a recent issue, the accusation has remained for ages and has never really gone. It has taken over the front pages recently as Dylan Farrow, Woody Allen’s adopted daughter with Mia Farrow has remained consistent with her accusation with support from her mother and brother and also because Woody Allen was presented with an honorary award for his contribution to the world of cinema. Although it is difficult to associate Woody Allen with child molestation here are some facts about the case that would make you a better judge of the situation.

1.The case was first files in the year 1992

Woody Allen was both accused and investigated for the child molestation charge in the year 1992. However, the state attorney decided not to prosecute him at that time as he thought that Dylan was too young and fragile to handle the court case and the trauma associated with it.

2.Woody Allen went to a child Psychologist for therapy

The judge who was in charge of the case, Elliot Wilk agreed with Mia Farrow that there were suspicions about Woody’s behavior with Dylan and that his behavior was grossly inappropriate and that steps must be taken to protect the kid. Woody Allen was sent to therapy to deal with this.

3.After the case, Mia Farrow left Woody Allen and gained full custody

After the case, Mia Farrow left Woody Allen and eventually gained full custody of Dylan. Woody Allen does not have visitation rights to Dylan.

4.Woody Allen still denies the charges

Woody Allen has written an open letter denying the charges and also has accused Mia Farow of masterminding the whole situation. He also claims that she was responsible for Dylan thinking that the abuse happened when no such thing took place. He has also brought out doubts about the parentage of Ronan Farrow his biological son with Mia Farrow.

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