8 Best Low Fat Desserts to Keep Obesity at Bay

8 Best Low Fat Desserts to Keep Obesity at Bay

When you think of desserts, the immediate thought is rich, sweet, decadent and full of calories! However, if you are on a weight loss diet and have a weakness for desserts, here is the good news for you– low fat desserts! You need not completely deprive yourself! Allow yourselves to indulge in the right kind of desserts. Here are 8 best low fat desserts to keep obesity at bay.

1. Apple Fig Compote

Apple fig compote is a great dessert if you want to lose weight. You can omit the sugar and glisten your fruit desserts with honey. The beautiful cinnamon flavor will dance on your taste buds and help you keep obesity far away.

2. Poached pears with raspberry sauce

To prepare the raspberry sauce, you could add a sugar substitute in low quantity. The natural sweetness from the raspberry with soft, melt-in-your mouth pears is a lovely dessert delight. The fact that the sweetness comes from the fruits without added sugar makes it a dessert, you will not regret devouring.

3. Summer fruit in spiced syrup

This beautiful dessert tastes like summer in a bowl. The subtle aroma and texture of spices suffused into the fruit makes for a perfect summer dessert. Or if you have a sweet tooth and need to binge on chocolates, this is a quick preparation that you will enjoy and you can have a guilt-free sleep.

4. Caramel glazed oranges

This dessert is slightly indulgent as it’s caramelized in sugar. But no use of flour and the baking components or cream, makes the preparation much lighter. A small kick from the brandy and the zesty orange makes it a great combination.

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