6 Ways to Decorate Your Smartphone

6 Ways to Decorate Your Smartphone

Your smartphone is your own precious possession which is there with you 24/7. Smartphones have become an inseparable part of certain lives and people treat it with almost as much care and love as they do to a human. Your most precious commodity has to reflect your personality too and so it’s imperative that you customize it according to your taste. These are some ways by which you can make your smartphone stand a class apart from the sea of other smartphones.

1. Apply bright stickers

Stickers reflect creativity and add a lot of charm to the phone. Stickers are available in plethora out there of different designs to choose from. You could apply a flowery design, your favorite cartoons, hearts, stars and what not. You could also make a collage of a variety of stickers and fill your back cover with it.

2. Get a funky cover

The easiest way to instantly transform a boring phone into a funky gadget is by covering it with a good looking cover. There are countless kind of covers available in stores such as jewel encrusted, cartoon or superhero based covers, covers made of crochet, covers bearing your favorite celeb’s pictures, and many others.

3. Attach a little trinket chain

Charms and trinkets add a feminine and pretty touch to anything that they are attached to. Many phones have a small hole in which such chain trinkets and charms can be attached. You could also attach little bells so that your phone tinkles sweetly each time you pick it up.

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