7 Ways Your Body Changes After Having Kids

7 Ways Your Body Changes After Having Kids

Having a kid can be a life altering experience for every woman. A baby brings you so much joy and also a lot of stress. It creates some very noticeable changes in you as a woman and some changes that are emotional and psychological that you really can’t notice it. Not only do you feel different about yourself after having a baby, but your body also lets you know that you have had a baby by changing a lot. After having a baby, you may find some very strange things about your body which no one told you to expect. Here are ways in which your body changes after having a baby.

1. Incontinence

This does not happen to all the women who have given birth, but some experience it. When your baby really struggles to get out, the walls of your vagina are stressed and end up going numb for a while. The result is that you really don’t sense it when you need to urinate. This can be pretty embarrassing for a while, but it always goes off after a while.

2. Bleeding

You would have been happy to not have your menstrual bleeding for the nine months that you were pregnant. But after giving birth, it comes back with a vengeance and you will experience bleeding for a few weeks. This can be very uncomfortable for you, but this is quite natural and there is no need to get alarmed over it.

3. Swollen feet

It is not only during your pregnancy that you will have to suffer from swollen feet, but also after you have delivered your baby. Be prepared to walk around with swollen feet and this is a time when fashion goes out the door and you bring out your comfy slippers.

4. Bigger breasts

It can be a happy news for some and not so happy news for others. But the truth is that once you give birth and start lactating your breasts become bigger even if you choose not to breastfeed your baby.

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