7 Tips for Texting Your Crush

7 Tips for Texting Your Crush

Texting has made our life simpler and it is a very quick way to communicate, but sending a text to your crush is something complicated and you should be very smart and witty while doing that. If you do it right you can get lucky and get the desired attention from your crush, but even if you make a slight mistake, your crush will remain the man of your dreams, forever! Here are 7 tips for texting your crush appropriately.

1. Don’t be very prompt with your replies

Don’t reply instantly as the text comes. Take a few minutes and then reply. Try to divert your mind when you can’t resist. If he is asking you something interesting, make him wait; take time and reply. Make him wait for your response, don’t act too desperate. This will help maintain his interest in the conversation.

2. Don’t give direct answers

Make him curious, give witty answers, let him think deeper and figure you out and also what you say. He would be excited and curious while chatting with you and would want to know more. So make him want to know you more by not giving self explaining answers.

3. Don’t text him all day

Resist the urge to text all day, take breaks and make him want to start the conversation. Don’t bug your crush by giving boring and unwanted details, if he is interested he will ask you.

4. Show some sense of humor

Add some fun and humor to your texts rather than giving straight replies. It will show your fun side and guys like that. Try to keep your conversations fun, short and interesting.

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