7 Ways to Take Care of Your Cotton Clothing

7 Ways to Take Care of Your Cotton Clothing

Cotton clothes are comfortable, elegant and cool! Especially in summer, you cannot have enough of cotton clothing. However, taking care of your cotton clothing can be daunting. They tend to lose their appeal with every wash. But with certain precautionary measures, you can ensure that your cotton clothes stay new, fresh and bright!

1. Pre-Wash

Before actually washing the cotton clothes, get rid of the stain. Buy a good stain remover, and select the one that is appropriate for your dress’s color. Don’t use too much of it as it can damage your dress too. Another important thing is to sort the colors. Never wash white with other colors. And always keep bright bleeding colored clothes far and away.

2. Water and Detergent

Before washing your cotton clothes, make sure you have purchased a mild detergent. And do not use hot water to wash your cotton clothes. Hot water can fade the colors and weaken the fabric.

3. Light Wash

If your washing machine has an option for light wash, use it. Heavy washing of your cotton clothes can cause heavy damage to them. Keep the timer to the minimum, and always wash these cotton clothes separately.

4. Dryer

If you can afford to, avoid machine drying your cotton clothes. Machine dryer may shrink your clothes and take the life out of them! Instead, dry them in minimal sunlight, or shaded hot areas.

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