7 Things Every Man Must Have

7 Things Every Man Must Have
A man is as much of a man as he is made out to be – this holds especially true when the context is these seven things.

1. White tee and a pair of blue jeans

This is the classic. This is how they show amazing guys in those romantic novels. A guy must absolutely own a white tee shirt and a pair of conventional blue jeans. If he looks killer in them, all the better for you!

2. Talk time on the cellphone

What good is a man if he cannot even call you up in the middle of the night when you wake up after a bad dream? He must always have the ability to call you up/text you/IM you/email you all the time. Unless of course he is off to war.

3. A suit/ability to rent a suit

Let’s face it! If a guy keeps on roaming around in flip flops and hippy tee shirts, can you take him to a nice get together? Or even out partying? A guy must have at least one outfit that makes him look like a total babe magnet!

4. A car/friend’s car/a ride

Okay! So if he would not pick you up, who would? Not saying that a man is a man only when he has a car, but he must be able to arrange a car/cab/limousine on demand. After all, a prince charming never comes on foot.

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