6 Reasons Why It Is Okay To Be A Shopaholic

6 Reasons Why It Is Okay To Be A Shopaholic

‘When I gaze around my room, I see heaps and heaps of stuff piled over each other. Two minutes after I open up my closet, I find myself covered in knee-deep items. Scarves, jewelry, shoes, bags, jeans, tees, jerseys, cocktail dresses, lingerie, shirts, ponchos, jumper suits, formal suits, gowns, cargos, shorts and more. Name it and I already have it. Most of them, I haven’t even touched since I purchased them. Still I can’t manage to give them away, nor can I resist the temptation to buy more of them. I’m a shopaholic.’

Does the above sound a lot like you? The world outside must be mocking you cause of your addiction. They may tell you all sorts of ways to keep away from it. But they don’t seem to understand the happiness you get when you shop. Read these 6 reasons and know why it is okay to be a shopaholic.

1. Ensures your PREPAREDNESS

For a smart girl like you, it is always like, “Get set and go”. No matter what the occasion, when the other girls don’t know what to do when they are running out of cash and don’t have something to wear, you are perpetually more than ready. Be it a cocktail event or a family get-together, you have everything you need to dress you up. It doesn’t matter even if all the malls in the world had to close down. For you have a little mall set up in your closet itself.

2. Increases your POPULARITY

I bet you must be really popular among your bunch of girl friends. They all must be often coming to you to borrow your clothes, whenever they don’t have something nice to wear. All the girls around you, need you. With a closet like yours, you are their provider. All your girly friends are really lucky. After all who wouldn’t want to be the friend of a shopaholic. I know so many of my girl friends who would raid my closet, at the first chance they get.

3. Develops your KNOWLEDGE

For a girl, when it comes to fashion, knowledge is a weapon she cannot afford to forgo. You know exactly where to get what. You know the prices of things. You can tell the difference in two different types of fabrics. You know all the types of shoes existing. Being a shopaholic means lots of knowledge. You learn so much. I bet your fashion knowledge is more than any other normal girl around you.

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