6 Ways to Relieve Anxiety

6 Ways to Relieve Anxiety

In today’s busy world, everything happens at a very fast pace. There are more times than one, when we lose our cool and stress out. We become anxious and lose focus at whatever we are doing. Since anxiety cannot take us anywhere, it becomes very necessary to curb it. Given below are simple ways to relieve anxiety.

1. Take deep breaths

This is an immediate anxiety buster. When you feel that you are restless and you can no longer proceed, take your mind off work and take deep breaths. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. You should engage 3 seconds for inhaling and the same duration for exhaling. While exhaling, make yourself feel that the anxiety is leaving your body.

2. Exercise

Exercising is believed to have a profound effect when it comes to relieving anxiety. You can carry out a small workout plan; go for running or jogging or simple stretch yourself. All of these take your mind off work and ease anxiety.

3. Do some recreational activity

To relieve anxiety means to take your mind off whatever makes you anxious. You can listen to music, watch your favorite movie or read a book. When you do any of these, you actually follow an already set path, which means, you go with the song, movie or the script of the movie. Since you engage yourself so much in these, you forget about work and what makes you anxious.

4. Treat yourself

Treating yourself does not mean consuming calorie loaded unhealthy food. You can have something that you really love, your favorite dish, ice-cream, and a glass of wine or chocolates. All these are believed to have positive results in relieving anxiety.

5. Be with nature

Some people find being with nature soothing. You can do the same when you have to relieve anxiety. You can go for a walk along the beach, sit in front of a lake or river, admire mountains (if possible) or simply sit in your garden.

6. Take a hot water bath

This is easiest and readily available remedy. Prepare a hot water tub with body oils and aroma. Have a glass of wine and a novel and you are good to go. You can spend some time in the hot water bath. It has amazing effects on your body and hence is very soothing. It is definitely the best when it comes to relieving anxiety.

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