12 New Words Added To The 2011 Dictionary

12 New Words Added To The 2011 Dictionary

With the advent of technology, especially the Internet, everything in your life has changed. You are either Facebooking, Tweeting or Myspacing, isn’t it? But hey, are these words a part of the Oxford English Dictionary? No, surely not. Then why do we use them, you may ask. Well, ‘coz we believe these words belong to the language of the new generation. Relating to that, there are actually some words that have been included to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2011. Interested to know what they are? Continue reading.

1. Feature Phone

You might have a fair idea of what this word means. Its definition goes: ‘A mobile phone that incorporates features such as the ability to access the Internet and store and play music but lacks the advanced functionality of a smartphone’. Thus, a feature phone is simply a phone with extra features.

2. Trackpad

A trackpad is similar to the touchpad. That’s why the Oxford Dictionary defines a trackpad as ‘a computer input device in the form of a small panel containing different touch-sensitive areas’. Simply put, it’s a flat pad which enables you to move the cursor with your finger.

3. Scareware

Similar to malware, scareware is used in its plural form. It’s defined as ‘malicious computer programs designed to trick a user into buying and downloading unnecessary and potentially dangerous software, such as fake antivirus protection’.

4. Sexting

Yes, you guessed it right. Sexting means sending sexually explicit images and text. It is defined as ‘the sending of sexually explicit photographs or messages via mobile phone’. This word has its origins in the word ‘sex’ and ‘texting’.

5. Fnarr Fnarr

Fnarr fnarr imitates the sound of suppressed laughter. Oxford Dictionary defines it as ‘represents sniggering, typically at a sexual innuendo.’ Henceforth, if you hear some guy utter this word at you at a bar, you know what it means!

6. TBH

Confused? TBH is the abbreviation of ‘to be honest’. You know where this word is taken from, right? Various chat rooms and the online world has compelled Oxford to include this new word in their dictionary. But of course, TBH is an informal way to say to be honest.

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