7 Ways to Love Yourself Unconditionally

Ways to Love Yourself Unconditionally

Do you love yourself unconditionally? That may be one question that sounds very simple but often has a difficult answer. You are not just meant to be loved by a special someone truly but even by yourself. And perhaps it’s the latter that is associated with a sense of self-respect, confidence and true inner peace and happiness in every one. So, here is a list of ways to love yourself unconditionally.

1. Bring joy to others

There is nothing more gratifying and satisfying than seeing a genuine smile on someone because of you or something you did or said. A genuine smile only comes when something you needed and cherished the most reaches you. When you see that unparalleled joy in someone else with you being the reason, you will feel happy about yourself; happier than the most material pleasures.

2. Embrace your flaws

No person is perfect. All of us have our share of flaws, whims, fancies and idiosyncrasies. As long as, our acts or words do not hurt another even in the tiniest of manners, it is okay to live with some imperfections. Acknowledging your problems and not being self-judgmental will make you love yourself unconditionally.

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3. Learn to forgive

The act of forgiving surpasses all the best deeds in life for it is not an easy task. When you forgive yourself or someone for a mistake, you experience a sense of inner happiness that far exceeds satisfaction. You are not going to feel betrayed or unhappy or go down in esteem in any way when you learn to forgive. But it is not simple and comes only to those who love themselves and understands the importance of relationships.

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4. Write

You don’t have to be a gifted writer. You don’t have to publish your work. But write all that you feel; all your lows and highs. Read them out to yourself some day and you will wonder the kind of resilience and strength you have built in yourself over time. You will appreciate your growth as a mature and sensible woman.

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