6 Things Live-in Couples Should Consider Before Getting Married

6 Things Live-in Couples Should Consider Before Getting Married

It’s one thing to be living in with a man and it’s a totally different ballgame to be married to him. Marriages ought to be the next logical step after a couple has lived with and known each other well for sometime. However, there are many people out there who feel that a wedding will ruin the current blissful state of a live-in relationship. A couple should give a serious thought to the issue of marriage before jumping into holy matrimony.

1. Can you bear his habits?

You have got to think whether you are ready to bear his bad habits that leave you annoyed, for the rest of your life. A marriage is a promise to stick by each other forever, notwithstanding what sort of circumstances the couple is put in. So make a list of all the habits that drive you up the wall and encourage him to do so too. Then compare the 2 lists and try to reach a good compromise, and unless you and your partner can do so, there is no point going ahead with marriage.

2. His view on marriage

You can’t possibly foster a dream of marriage by yourself; you have to discuss it with your live-in partner and get to know his views about it. Does he expect you to change your surname after marriage? Or give up your career and move with him elsewhere? Will he be comfortable with a huge wedding like you want or the act of wearing a wedding ring and showing the whole world that he is taken? Will you be comfortable with such conditions?

3. Do you or he walk out a lot?

It’s easy to just walk out after a fight in a live-in relationship, but not so in a marriage, after all, you are not bounded legally to be with your partner in the former. If you both fight a lot and walk out on each other frequently, then marriage will be a bad idea, since such a marriage will not survive the test of time.

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