6 Things You must Know about Ash Wednesday

Things You must Know About Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is here and there are some important things we should all know about the day. Things like why it is being celebrated and the significance for Christians. Ash Wednesday is celebrated in different ways across the world. Here are some interesting facts and things everyone must know about the day.

1. What is Ash Wednesday?

It is called Ash Wednesday because it is always celebrated on a Wednesday and people apply ash on their foreheads mostly in the form of a cross.

2. Why ash on the forehead?

Ash applied on the forehead symbolizes repentance and many more things such as fragility and mortality, and the need to be redeemed by the mercy of God.

3. How is the ash placed on the forehead?

The priest in the church usually sprinkles the ash in the holy water and blesses it. He then proceeds to place the ash on the forehead of the followers who have come to church in the shape of a cross. He blesses them by saying “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return” or “Repent and believe in the Gospel”.

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