11 Top Reasons Why Women Cheat in Relationships

11 Top Reasons Why Women Cheat in Relationships

Infidelity these days is quiet a common phenomenon. Both male and female genders have their own separate reasons for cheating and looking beyond their partners shoulders. While men generally cheat for the want of more sex and attention, females could have more than one reason to do so.

1. Emotional void

A woman in a relationship, specially a married woman may find a certain vacuum after a certain time period. This could be due to no more spark or lack of attention from the partner.

2. Loneliness

Women who have created their lives around the lives of their partner are very likely to cheat. They have no friends and no life of their own. So when their partner can’t give them attention, she looks for it elsewhere.

3. Boredom

If women experience boredom with their partner, they may cheat. Women need to be pampered with dinners, gifts, constant praises, etc. If all of this go missing and they are a part of a mundane routine, they are likely to cheat.

4. For a better sex life

As the title suggests, if a woman is not happy with her partner in bed, she may cheat.

5. Confusion

If a woman is not completely sure about her feelings for you, she might cheat on you with another guy just to check her options and then decide.

6. Bitterness creeps in

When bitterness starts to creep in an otherwise long rosy relationship, women might cheat. Women expect men to remember small things and important dates. If the partner time and again forgets these or is absent from family get-togethers, then the woman might cheat.

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