7 Music Artists to Watch Out for in 2013


They are new, young and have come to please us with different sounds that are both entertaining and ear pleasing. They are the hot emerging talents in the country and are a must hear this year. Here a few of those who have been making waves on radio and the music festival circuit.

1. (KCV)

He is really young (Just a freshman), and is already making waves with his ability to compile an astounding list of mash ups. Also to look out for is his original production. He is truly talented and is bound to stand out from a huge list of dj’s in town.

2. Chris Borelli

A welcome change in the rap scene. He truly believes in changing the current rap scene and steadfastly refuses to play to the crowd. He is different and is alike a breath of fresh air. He is unapologetic about his music and brings a different perspective to making rap music- he looks on in from outside.

3. Jayme Dee

Very pop, very upbeat –her music is certainly foot tapping. And her voice is truly and completely enchanting. She is from California and it reflects in her music, mostly brings a Californian summer to your mind every time you listen to her music.

4. Chance the Rapper

He is not big yet, but that will change very quickly, if you take into account the number of people who wanted to download his new songs. The sites actually crashes owing to the high traffic and demand for his songs. Look out for him, he could become the next big thing in rap.

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