7 Tips to Be a Good Boss

7 Tips to Be a Good Boss

As necessary as it is to be a good employee, it’s also very important to be a good boss, for only then will people stick around in your company and make it work. Sadly, most bosses feel they can get away with being rude, eccentric and dominating. This results in employee dissatisfaction and bitching. To avoid this, here are some pointers that bosses should inculcate in their behavior.

1. Place yourself in employee’s shoes

You were once an employee too, so empathize with your workers and before reprimanding them think about how you would behave or feel in their position. Empathy is a very important but rare quality present in bosses. Think from your employees’ point of views and see if you are being unreasonable and keeping high expectations that can’t be fulfilled.

2. Encourage juniors

An encouraging boss is always loved and remembered by employees forever. Many people owe their success to their bosses who encouraged them by listening to their ideas and giving them freedom to work in a particular way.

3. Maintain a pleasant disposition

Employees are always told to be pleasant and courteous at all times but it’s difficult to do so when the boss is a sourpuss. Create an environment of positivity and comfort so that employees can be free to talk to you instead of creating a negative environ forth with dominance, discomfort and making workers think twice before talking about the most casual matters or hindrances.

4. Criticize privately

Never criticize your employees in front of others. It will just make you look like a bad boss, make the employee feel humiliated and others feel scared of you. There will be bitching about you and spiteful curses thrown your way. Practice humanity and chide privately.

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