8 Tips to Make Your Baby’s First Christmas Super Special

8 Tips to Make Your Baby's First Christmas Super Special

Jingle bells! Jingle bells! Jingle all the way! Is it your baby’s first Christmas? Go ahead and make it super special for him or her. You must then start early as you will have to manage all the preparations with your baby around you and of course all the other things that need your attention whether at the house or at work! Here are some tips to make your baby’s first Christmas super special.

1. Be an early bird

Don’t wait for the last few days of Christmas. Start early. Your child needs to get acquainted with the main day so start putting up pictures of Santa around the house or some decorations in his/her room so as to get your little one familiar to things that you have planned. You wouldn’t want to scare your child when you put him/her in Santa’s lap for a picture, so start showing pictures of Christmas celebrations with Santa in them. Buy the new set of clothes which your child will be wearing on Christmas.

2. Take your child out

A month before Christmas, stores and malls start getting decorated for Christmas. Take your child to a store nearby where a Christmas tree has been put up, along with other decorations. Let your baby see, feel, and touch the decorations. The bright lights and Christmas music will surely make him/her ready for the special celebration that you have planned.

3. Take photographs

If your child is not used to getting photographed often, now is the time to make him/her feel comfortable about it. Take pictures when you dress him/her up to go out, in the car or with other kids so that when you take pictures on the day of the celebration, he/she does not feel scared.

4. Make ornaments

Making a home ornament for your baby is a great gift. Make something that the baby can hold and play with. You could make a picture ornament with a photograph that you have adored right from when he/she was born. Make a special ornament so that you can use it every year to make your Christmas special. You could also bake something that has your baby’s name on it.

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