7 Signs He Wants You Desparately

7 Signs He Wants You Desparately

Is he being just a friend or is he behaving like a guy who wants you desperately? Here are some of the typical signs you should watch out for.

1. He clings to you all the time

Men who are clingy all the time often look for excuses to be with you. Suppose you tell him that you are going to the mall. Will he immediately ask you if he can come with you? If he does, and he does the same thing in most situations, it could be a sign that he wants you desperately. He is likely to feel disappointed if you say no when he asks if he can hang out with you.

2. He ignores his friends to be with you

It may be understandable if a guy who has a crush on you, gives up meeting his friends for one day to come and hang out with you. But if he is doing it consistently; if he has stopped meeting his friends just to spend time with you, it can mean that he is desperate for your company. Ask him how often he meets his friends or talks to them on the phone to get an idea of whether he is doing this or not.

3. He will do just about anything you tell him to

Suppose you tell him to make you a hot cup of coffee or you tell him to immediately go to the nearest gas station to buy you a bag of candies because you have a sugar craving, what will he do? If he does what you have said without hesitating even for a single second, he may be doing it just to please you because he is desperate. Men like to please their women by coming to their aid but if he seems to prance around at every order of yours, it may be out of desperation.

4. He constantly messages you on your cell phone or online

People who are desperate about someone may constantly keep messaging them on their cell phone or through online messengers. Does he do the same to you? It is understandable if he messages you every couple of days to catch up with you, but if you see his text messages coming through to your inbox every hour or two, his feelings for you may be deeper than what you think.

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