8 Signs You are Obsessed With Your Appearance

8 Signs You are Obsessed With Your Appearance

A human being goes through childhood, teenage and adulthood. The bodies of men and women change their look drastically in every stage. Sometimes women are so used to seeing themselves in a particular shape and size that they find it tough to like their changed body shape. This is very normal when it comes to pregnant women. Some women get obsessed with their look and this negatively affects their overall personality and life. Here are some signs that can help you to find out if you are obsessed with your appearance.

1. If you are thinking of getting a surgical procedure done to improve your looks

Everyone knows that a plastic surgery or a surgical procedure related to look enhancement can be painful. It can also burn a hole in your pocket. So, you wouldn’t want to go for such a procedure if you don’t have a deep wallet. If you are not that rich and still want to splurge on a surgical procedure to look better then you are probably obsessed with your appearance. In some cases, it is alright to spend money on a surgical procedure. For instance, if you want to have a hair removal laser surgery to get rid of unwanted hair on your face then it is alright.

2. If you desperately want to look young like a teenager

Every woman says that she wants to look like a teenager all over again but some women take this thing too seriously. Some women don’t have realistic expectations from their surgery or body. If you are one of those women who tell their surgeon, “I just want you to make my upper lip 0.25 inches smaller” then you might be a little self obsessed. An obsessed woman might find it tough to trust her surgeon and she might ask for a warranty regarding her final look after the surgery. This is a typical warning sign of narcissism. Such people probably have some deep-seated psychological issues to address. Everyone wants to turn the clock back a little and this is natural but expecting to look like a 21 year old girl when your granddaughter is in college is unrealistic.

3. If you check the mirror again and again

Mirrors are usually a woman’s best friends. In some cases, this friendship goes a step ahead and takes shape of an obsession. If you spend more time in front of mirrors than the time spent in any other activity then you are possibly obsessed with your appearance. Fixing hair, make-up and clothing in front of the mirror constantly is something more than just a healthy concern for looking nice. It is obsession!

4. If you think only about your appearance around friends, family and with your lover on a romantic evening

Obsessed women have a one track mind. They only think about their hair, clothes and overall appearance no matter who is around them. Place or gathering doesn’t matter to such women. Their own and other people’s appearance is the only thing they have for discussion.

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