Top 3 Reasons Why Girls Need Girls As Their BFFs

Top 3 Reasons Why Girls Need Girls As Their BFFs

It has been proven in psychological studies that females have a higher need for emotional relationships and friendships than males, especially with other females. While same sex friendships always start quickly, such as guys bonding with guys, or girls bonding with girls in the first few days of college; women look for more stable and long-lasting friendships than mere quick bonding. Their idea of friends is not someone they can only have fun with, but someone who can give them the feeling of belongingness, along with comfort and mental security. The main reasons why girls need girls as their BFFs are provided here.

1. Sharing of issues

While some men can be good listeners in a relationship, it is not necessary that they understand everything that a woman says, and react to it the way a woman wants them to react. Men have their own way of functioning and what may be a big issue bothering a woman, may just be a small matter for men. So it is important to have female friends who give the desired comfort in times of need and act as supportive pillars giving you the courage to deal with difficult situations. Female friends are able to relate to your situation more and will be able to step in your shoes to understand the intensity of the situation and figure out proper solutions.

2. Common understanding of habits

Males are not so interested in shopping as women are, and while men prefer action movies, women don’t really mind watching two or three chick flicks in a row. It is these habits that bond women and make them better friends with each other. So when you feel like doing something that your male friends are not interested in, you can easily depend on your female friends who will be up for it.

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