8 Shoes Every Girl Should Own

8 Shoes Every Girl Should Own

Shoes are an essential part of the wardrobe that can make or break an outfit. Women are famous for their love of shoes, especially heels that lend them the much needed height and glamor. Here are 8 types of footwear that every woman ought to have in her closet.

1. Nude open toe wedges

Nude is a fabulous color which goes with literally every color and outfit out there. Hence investing in a pair of nude open toe wedges is a must. They are totally apt for lunch and brunch parties with your gal pals.

2. Black formal pumps

The modern working woman of today needs to establish her power and what better way to do so than by wearing a pair of black formal pumps and strutting around in the workplace? Not only in the office, but they look sexy even with party wear.

3. Tie up stilettos

Tie up stilettos, especially in black that goes with almost every outfit, look sexy with a short dress. Enjoy the evening night out with compliments you collect for these sensuous looking footwear. You just have to be a tad careful to maintain the bands and not let them get knotted.

4. Flip-flops

Now a lady can’t be expected to totter on high heels everyday, right? Sure she would look awesome daily, but for practical usage at home or out running errands, flip-flops are the best thing to tuck into.

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    I love Peep Toe sometimes, But i love Wedges

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