8 Healthy After School Snacks

8 Healthy After School Snacks

Kids love to munch chocolates and cookies once they are back from school. But, as a parent it is your duty to give them something which is not only healthy but also tasty. Replace the chocolate chip cookies with the below listed alternatives.

1. Oatmeal snack cakes

Kids do not eat oatmeal in natural form, so give them oatmeal in different forms. Oatmeal snack cake is perfect choice for after school meal. It is full of fiber and energy. Oatmeal snack cake makes up for the lost energy. The main ingredients of the oatmeal snack meal include brown sugar, rolled oats and wheat flour.

2. Zucchini muffins

Kids just love muffins, so why not make it in different forms. If your kid does not like to eat zucchini, then use them in muffins. By adding apples and carrots in these muffins, you can make it all the more interesting and healthy for your kids.

3. Carrots with peanut dip

Dips and spreads can make any dish healthy and tasty. Make a peanut dip with some sesame seeds. Serve this dip with raw carrots or any veggie which your kid would love to have. The plating of the dish should tempt your kid to finish it off. It is the healthiest after school snack.

4. Apples with Nutella spread

Sounds interesting, right? Your kid is going to love this version of an apple. If your kid does not like apples, then cut the apples into thin wedges or slices. Now, spread some chocolate Nutella spread on the apple. Your kid may even ask for more. Banana and pears with Nutella spread is also a good option for kids.

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