7 Reasons You Must Not Home School Your Children

7 Reasons You Must Not Home School Your Children

Giving your children education at home might sound tempting in the beginning, but this is something you must not do. Here’s a list of 7 reasons that will convince you why you must not “home school” your children

1. Home schooling adversely affects their social development

When children go to school, they mingle with other kids of the same age group. This social interaction with peers as well as teachers is very important for proper social development of children. By home schooling your children, you deprive them of this important milestone in social development. The consequences of this can be debilitating for your child’s personality as he may develop feelings of shyness and discomfort in social situations.

2. It deprives them of healthy competition

Children become competitive in school as they compete against each other in various fields. A sense of healthy competition is essential for today’s children. It is an important survival tool which will help them immensely in future.

3. It makes them too comfortable

Studying in the comfort of their home, kids become too pampered and relaxed. Going out and being out of one’s comfort zone is crucial for learning skills to tackle life’s challenges. Thus, home schooling your children robs them off this important opportunity.

4. It is not a comprehensive education

You cannot possibly bring all the experiences provided by the school in your home. Education is not merely about the facts contained in books. It is much more than that. Holistic education includes physical, social, mental, emotional and spiritual development along with academic development of children. Such opportunities and exposures can be provided only in a big infrastructure like that of a formal school.

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