7 Great Tips to Conceal a Double Chin Using Makeup

7 Great Tips to Conceal a Double Chin Using Makeup

Most women feel embarrassed because of a double chin. However, there are chin exercises which can help to reduce double chin in women. Makeup might also help with the condition. Listed below are some tips to conceal a double chin through makeup, read on.

1. Clean and apply a moisturizer

Before applying the makeup, clean the area properly. Apply a good moisturizer on the double chin. Apply with a gentle stroke and the application should be mild. This step is important to ensure a proper double chin makeup.

2. Choose a foundation

Choose a foundation, which is a shade darker. Do not use a very dark foundation, or else it will be visible on the chin area. One shade darker should do the trick. A dark colored foundation helps to highlight the lower chin area and hide the double chin flab.

3. Apply a bronzer

After application of a foundation, apply a same shade bronzer on the double chin area. A bronzer helps to define the jaw line and also hides the flab. A rose tone bronzer is perfect for a fair skin complexion. A gold or brown tone bronzer suits dark skin complexion.

4. Blend to give an effect

The light dark effect really works well for hiding the double chin flab. Apply a foundation and then apply a powdered bronzer. Or else, blend the two and apply the mixture on the double chin area to accentuate it well. This helps to hide the excess flab and makes the face look good.

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