7 Reasons to Not Apply Makeup

7 Reasons to Not Apply Makeup

Do you love wearing makeup? Do you love to try new makeup products? If yes, then you must know that makeup is not always good for the skin no matter how beautiful it makes you look. Here are some good reasons to not apply makeup, read on.

1. Makeup clogs the skin pores

If you think that using natural makeup will not harm your skin, then you are wrong. Every type of makeup has some chemicals, and this tends to clog the pores of the skin. That in turn would cause considerable damage to the skin resulting in acne and breakouts.

2. Makeup causes aging

You heard it right. The more makeup you use; the more harm you will make to the skin. Using makeup all the time causes skin dehydration as skin cannot breathe properly. And, skin dehydration causes wrinkles and aging signs on skin. It is better to avoid the use of makeup, if it is not required.

3. Makeup is about application

Majority of women do not know to apply makeup. This makes them look even uglier. There is a proper application procedure for makeup, not every woman knows about it. Not applying the makeup properly can also make you look funny.

4. Makeup is used for animal testing

Most makeup companies use their products for animal testing. Just think about the animals, who have to bear the brunt of this act. Agreed, there are organic makeup products available in market, but those products are also expensive.

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