10 Steps To Get Over A Breakup

10 steps get over a breakup

A breakup is a devastating moment that subjects you to immense pain. It is very difficult to mend a broken heart, especially when you were in a long-term relationship. This may sound weird but the gloomy phase after a breakup is the perfect one to rediscover yourself and take control. Here are a few tips to get over a broken heart.

1. Give yourself some time

The very first thing that a broken heart needs to know is that it is going to take some time to get back to normal. A fracture in the leg also takes months to let you enjoy a brisk walk. The heart is an even more sensitive organ in that case. Hence, it will take more than the usual time to put things in place. When you have already faced a breakup, it means you are out of the relationship. This, friends, is the perfect time to look into yourself, your health and your personality. It is the first time after your long relationship that you are getting time for yourself. Fall in love with yourself this time. Trust us, you will never regret.

2. Don’t subject yourself to intense agony

If you think, the love of your life was the most important part of your existence, then it is high time you come out of your belief. If this had been the case with them as well, then it was okay. But, when they don’t mind hurting you, they don’t deserve to be your life’s integral part. It is better to put them out of your mind and focus onto yourself. Don’t subject yourself to agony just because you think you were bad to them.

3. Accept what you feel

This goes without a question that handling a broken heart is the most painful job. Some people sob all the time and some others tell themselves they are fine, even when they are under stress. Instead of running away from your pain, it is better to accept what you feel. Tell yourself, “It’s okay”, “It happens in a relationship.” Only then would you be able to come to terms with yourself and look towards the future.

4. Don’t over analyze

The other most important thing which broken hearts have to take into account is that no matter how much time you spend to think over what has happened, it is not going to change the present. Don’t sit on your couch with a paper and analyze the reasons why the breakup took place. If you keep thinking about your shortcomings and the things that you failed at, you will only feel more and more miserable. Both you and your partner are equally responsible for the failure of your relationship. It’s just that they sensed the catastrophe and ended it, so that they can blame you and walk away.

5. Thank your past for the love you got

Instead of thinking what you have lost due to the breakup, think of what you have gained due to the relationship. The most beautiful gift that this relationship has given you is that it has let you taste the sweet nectar of love. You always have to be thankful to the relationship and your partner for the same. They have given you the best moments of your life, the tender touches, the reassurances and saved you from collapsing at the moment a storm came your way. The strength that their love has provided in the past will help you sail this storm as well.

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