Funny Questions To Ask A Guy On The First Date

Funny Questions To Ask A Guy On The First Date

Are you ready for your first date with that pretty dress and beautiful accessories? Do you wish to make it an experience of a lifetime, the most happening and flamboyant date? Then get some tips below to know how to do that.

My neighbor Diana spent her first date eating and smiling and their first date became their last date. None of her branded clothes, or her intelligence could be of any help because none of them could get that needed spark in their date. It was formal and boring. A boring date can be a big fiasco for life. A first date decides the direction of any relationship, so that means you got to be at your best on a first date with all your humor and charm. To spare yourself from the horrors of a boring first date, you need to be ready with ideas and ‘questions’ to make it more interesting, happening and memorable. Let’s look at few funny questions that can be helpful to make your date more interesting:

1. To strike a conversation you need to be smart enough to judge your partner and start accordingly. But you can also start it by asking:
“Well, are you carrying a magnet on a date?” …. “I don’t know, I think why my heart is getting attracted towards you.”
This can also be a humorous way to tell your partner that he is looking dashing or very adorable.

2. “What do you think is more romantic, a candle light dinner in a desert or a dinner under the dark sky on a beach?”
This might also show how smart and quick he is at grasping the situation and answering with equal humor.

Other questions to add more colors to your date can be.

3. “Which would be the first thing you would want when you are lost on an unknown island?”

4. “What would be the first thing you will do after being rescued from that unknown island?”

You ask many other questions depending on your level of comfort and understanding with your partner. So, what are you waiting for? Make him fall for you on the very first date with your sense of humor and charm. All the best!

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