8 Tips to Apply Lipstick to Correct Irregular Lip Shape

Tips to Apply Lipstick to Correct Irregular Lip Shape

Not all of us are blessed with the prefect lips or the prefect pout. Some of us may have thin lips or they may be too thick. They can look droopy and also have irregular shapes. You do not have to worry about showing off your lips even if you think they are not perfect as you can always make them look perfect and gorgeous with just the right amount of lipstick applied expertly. The important thing is to know the right colors that will add to the shape of your lips and a lot of patience and experience by trying out lot of shades and also ways to apply lipstick. Once you have mastered the art, you can do it yourself at home and do not have to depend on a specialist. Here are some tips to apply lipstick to correct irregular lip shape.

1. In case of thin lips

If you have thin lips, you should increase the size of both your upper and lower lip with a gentile curving line. This gives your lips a fuller look.

2. Thin Upper Lip

If you have a thin upper lip, you should build up curve of upper lip until it is evenly balanced.

3. Thin Lower Lip

If you have a thin lower lip, do the opposite and extend the curve of your lower lip to balance evenly with your upper lip.

4. Full centered lips with narrow corners

If your lips look like what is known as a Sharp Cupid’s Bow, fuller at the center ad very narrow at the corners, you must fill in most of Cupid’s bow; by widening the sides of upper and lower lips until balanced.

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