6 Ways to Propose Marriage Using Food

6 Ways to Propose Marriage Using Food

Who says it should always be the guy who proposes marriage in a relationship. Times have changed and it can be fun and exciting if a woman proposes to her man. We give you some of the interesting ways to propose marriage to your man with the help of food.

1. Say it with a fortune cookie

If you are good at baking, then this can be a great way of telling your man that you want to marry him. Make fortune cookies and add a strip of paper with the words “Will you marry me?” written on it, along with the wedding band. When your guy opens the fortune cookie, he will be in for a romantic surprise.

2. Say it with chocolates

There are lot of things that you can do with chocolate to propose to your man. You could use chocolate syrup to write the words on a cookie or a cake. You could also order a box of chocolates and have center one carry the ring. You can use chocolate powder to write “Marry me” on top of his hot cup of coffee. Also, you could make chocolates in the shape of alphabets to spell “Marry me.” The possibilities are endless and you can be as creative as you want to be.

3. Say it with ice

Freeze the wedding band in an ice cube. When your guy comes home after a tiring day at work, give him a glass of water along with the ice cube. He will notice something in his glass and that is when you pop the question.

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