5 Tips When You are Flying with a Baby

5 Tips When You are Flying with a Baby

Mothers who are flying with babies need to juggle with breast feeding, compromise their own sleep and comfort, change diapers and worst of all get darting looks by everyone on the flight when the baby starts crying and does not seem to stop. If you are one such mother, here are 5 steps that will help you have a relatively peaceful flight with your little child.

1. Take the flight according to your babies schedule

Some babies sleep in the evening, some just can’t sleep at night and there are some babies who sleep like angels in the afternoon. Depending on when your baby needs feeding and when they will fall asleep, you need to make your bookings. With babies you cannot take a last minute trip, and hope to be comfortable all through.

2. Make sure your seats are not anywhere near the toilet

The sound of flush, door banging, the cluttering and clamoring of trays by the air hostess can be very disturbing. Even if your baby is trying to sleep, he or she will probably get very irritated due to lack of sleep and cry the entire time.

3. Buy yourself time before you board the flight

Make sure you’re at the airport at least an hour or two before you check-in. You need to feed the baby, change the diapers, put the baby to sleep and he/she is not disturbed at all. Some babies enjoy it when you keep strolling with them in shops and other places at the airport.

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