Are Ayurvedic Medicines Safe?

Are Ayurvedic Medicines Safe?

Some people believe that ayurvedic medicines are safe. While some believe that its unsafe to have these medicines. Though, ayurvedic medicines are made from all natural ingredients, still their properties can often be warm for the body. Listed are some reasons that state the question above, read on to know more.

1. Skin rashes

While it is safe to have these medicines, but it may at times interfere with the normal body temperature. As a result of which people with sensitive skin can develop skin rashes. But, this also depends on body suitability. Rashes can be mild or severe depending on the dose and kind of medicine a person normally has.

2. Toxic reactions

Ayurvedic medicines should always be consumed within a time frame and with milk. This cuts the heat off the medicine to a good extent. If a person has ayurvedic medicine without milk or water, then maybe it may be toxic for the body. There may be some kind of minor reaction with the dose of medicine, so it actually depends.

3. Reaction to drugs

Ayurvedic medicines are safe if they are consumed without any other medicine. You heard that right! If a person has ayurvedic medicine along with allopathic, then it may react in a very bad way. So, it should not be consumed along with allopath or homeopathy. The reaction can also be severe in some cases.

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