10 Things You’d Like To Know About Kim Kardashian

10 Things You'd Like To Know About Kim Kardashian

Reality shows are making money since a long time. So the Kardashians came up with a fantastic plan-a reality family show. Yes, and then ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ hit our TV screens in 2008. And with this came one face that took our hearts away, that of Kim Kardashian. So, what is it to live the life of Kim Kardashian? We bring to you some fun facts about this American socialite.

1. Searched on Google over 9 million times per month!

Oh God. And we thought Google was used for doing some productive and intelligent research! Anyways, hope these 9 million people found something useful after researching about her.

2. Calls herself a loner

Yes, this is true girls! A loner is someone who lacks companions. For someone who has 9 million searches, an autobiography, a perfume line, a reality TV show this is quite an understatement. What do you think?

3. Worked at her father’s music firm

This was during her high school when she worked with her father at his music marketing firm – Movie Tunes. High school + work + working with your father. Isn’t that fun?

4. Earns for partying!

Now who wouldn’t love that? She got around $25000 for every hour to appear at a party in Las Vegas in 2009. So she dresses up, looks good, dances away and then gets paid for it! What a life. Here’s some more scoop – according to E!, Kim earns around $5.545 million a year. Now, that’s what we call a million dollar girl!

5. Butt insurance

Kim wants to get her butt insured. Well, that’s what we’ve heard. Here are her own words – ” I have not insured it yet, but I think I should look into that.” Hmm. Do we need to say anything else?

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