4 Signs a Guy Wants You to Make the First Move

4 Signs a Guy Wants You to Make the First Move

Are you in a sort of a complicated relationship with a guy? Do you often find a cute boy staring at you? Do you want to take the relationship a step forward but are scared to do so? Are you facing the dilemma of losing his friendship by confessing your feelings to him? Here are some signs and indications which will help you figure out if a guy wants you to make the first move.

1. Caught staring

If you find a guy staring at you every time you pass through the hallway; if you find him whispering to his friends when you pass by or may be you feel he likes you but is hesitating to come up and talk, then these are sure signs that he wants you to make the first move.

2. Too timid to try

You have gone out with the guy a couple of times already. Both of you talk on a regular basis. The flirtatious talks always bring on a blush. You both can feel the attraction but all that the guy manages to do is a slight brush on your palms and shoulders. This is an indication that he likes you but is scared to hold your hands or even kiss you and would probably like it if you do so.

3. Indirect talks

The guy talks to you very normally and confidently but there is a something holding him back. Try and observe his language and his talks. He might indirectly talk about a new movie or a new lounge or a pub in the area but never ask you out directly. This indicates that he is dropping hints to go out with you; all he wants is that you should ask him first.

4. Half actions

You people have already kissed once and it felt great. In spite of getting chances, he hesitates to go any further. On the other hand, if he takes you for drives through cozy romantic locations; he advises you to watch love flicks; he indicates you both should spend the weekend together or may be just a spendover, then he probably wants you to make the first move.

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