7 Best Fitness Apps to Download

7 Best Fitness Apps to Download

The world has become more health and fitness conscious than it ever was. People have started doing all sorts of stuff, right from joining gyms and eating diets to going under the knife for achieving the perfect body shape. Technology has progressed enough to give us fitness tools via apps that can be downloaded on tablets and smartphones. Here are some of the best fitness apps you could employ to achieve your health goals.

1. Office yoga

It has been found recently by researchers that sitting in the office for long hours could be as dangerous as smoking. Prolonged stillness of the body creates many joint problems in the body. This free Android app would prevent you from being a couch potato at work as it shows you yoga moves that you can practice on the desk itself.

2. Fitness buddy

True to its name, Fitness buddy is truly your trusted exercise partner on whom you can depend and get guidance about wellness. It consist of more than 300 exercises with detailed descriptions and animations. You can download it for free if you have an Android gadget.

3. FatSecret Calorie Counter

Every woman is finicky about what she eats and feels guilty after eating calorific stuff. You have to simply type in the name of whatever dish you are eating or scan the barcode of an item available in the supermarket and this free Android app will provide you with a detailed list of the calories, fat, carbohydrates, proteins, etc. that you will be consuming.

4. Cody

Cody is your free iOS virtual fitness coach which offers the tools of most workout logs such as tracking time, distance, location and notes. The USP of this application is that it encourages users by letting them share their fitness progress through likes, comments, and photo sharing as well as follow others’ track records.

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