6 Tips on How to Get Over Your Crush

6 Tips on How to Get Over Your Crush

Crushes occur all through our lives. They are a natural phenomenon and everyone, even the biggest of stars, have gone through the hurtful feelings of rejection by a crush. Sometimes, You might get lucky in love when their crush develops into a substantial relationship while other times, the cute guy you fell for may already have a partner, not have the same feelings as yours or may just be a bad boy whom you should stay away from. Either way, these points should help you get your mind and heart over him as soon as possible.

1. Distance yourself

The first step after rejection is to distance yourself from him as much as possible, at least until you feel you are over him. Change your schedule or timings so that you avoid running into him or seeing him. Don’t talk much to him and eventually time and distance will heal your broken heart.

2. Confess your feelings

The notion of guys making the first move while girls willfully wait for them to notice them and dropping hint still then is just so old fashion. You are a new age woman, and you ought to take command of your life. The more you keep it inside you, the more hurt you will feel. You have nothing to lose by letting him know about your feelings. Men, in fact like such bold girls who are independent and strong enough to profess their love. The chance of rejection in such a case is nearly nil.

3. Think of something else

If your crush is already taken, is not that into you or is not the serious kind, then you ought to divert your mind from him. Take up a new hobby, spend more time with your girl friends, aim to get better at fitness and concentrate on your work or studies. Every time his thought pops up in your mind, think about something else altogether.

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