5 Reasons You Should Snoop on Your Partner

5 Reasons You Should Snoop on Your Partner

Is your partner’s behavior becoming increasingly suspicious, making you wonder whether you should or you shouldn’t snoop on your partner? Don’t base your snooping on just a hunch, rather, make a decision to snoop on him based on valid assumptions. Here are a few reasons and situations after which you should snoop on your partner.

1. When he is very possessive about his cell phone

Is your partner always very possessive about his cell phone? Does he have a password to unlock his cell phone which he never reveals to you? If he does, it could be a reason because of which you should snoop on your partner. A cloud of secrecy over his cell phone can indicate that he is trying to hide text messages, call logs or even his chat history with someone. Tell him casually that you want to go through his cell phone and if he says no, there could be something fishy going on.

2. He is always late from work

People get late from work once in a while when a deadline needs to be met. But if your partner comes late from work almost every single day, there could be some other reason behind him staying back in the office for so late. It could either mean that he is doing something at work which he doesn’t want you to know, or he is going somewhere else after work but he pretends that he is still in the office. Whichever the case, you could consider snooping on him if his excuses for coming back late keep getting lamer and lamer.

3. When he refuses to let you go through his email or social network profiles

Communication between two people is not limited to cell phones. It can happen on email or even on the popular social networking websites because many of them have a chat and messaging feature. Couples are not meant to continuously go through each other’s online accounts but there should not be a major problem if one of the partners makes such a request. It is one thing if your partner asks you the reason why you want to go through his online accounts, but if he says no and refuses to budge, he may be hiding something from you.

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